Kai Soremekun

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Kai Soremekun

/ Director

Residence New York, U.S.

My Story

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Kai began her career as an actress in New York City. Her many credits include the films HEAT, REGARDING HENRY, and a series regular role on the Fox television series MEDICINE BALL.

Since putting her actor’s perspective behind the camera, Kai’s films have aired on the Showtime Network and shown in festivals around the world.

In the digital space Kai directed and produced THE TIMER GAME, a 23 episode web series prequel for St. Martin’s Minotaur release of the suspense novel The Timer Game. Kai created the web series CH!CK, which received industry praise with an Indie Soap Award for best directing.

In the traditional television space Kai directed the first season of the docu-drama series LOVE, JESSICA for HBO Canada.

Fun fact: Kai was one of fifty semi-finalists chosen by Steven Spielberg to compete in his filmmaker reality series “On The Lot” which aired on Fox.

Currently, Kai is developing a fun, whimsical television series (LUV SAVES THE DAY) and in pre-production for a narrative, short film series featuring the Goddesses of yoga (WHAT WOULD GODDESS DO?).

Director Statement

It was July 2018. The November 2018 midterm elections were a hot topic. I innocently hopped on a secret Facebook group for womxn I belonged to and stumbled upon this post…

“Ladies, we must start refusing sex to people of voting age who are not registered to vote, am I right?”

I laughed out loud as I read through the comments that followed.
“Lysistrata up in this bitch!!!,” someone wrote.

Lysistrata is Aristophanes’ classic Greek comedy play in which women withhold sex from their husbands until they find a peaceful resolution to the Peloponnesian War.

My next thought was what if we took the premise of that ancient play and dropped it into our current political climate?

I was excited to use sex and humor as a way to look at the potential impact the feminine mystique could have on our democracy. I wanted the story to be risqué and funny on its surface but with a multi-layered message.

On one level, my hope is the film will inspire women to reconsider what sexual power can look like for them.

On another level, we wanted to have real world impact, so we added a scroll with voter registration deadlines for each state at the end of the film.

My political views are subtly represented in the film but, at the end of the day, the main message is we’re not saying who to vote for, but for God’s sake vote!

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