Junji Hanadou

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Junji Hanadou

/ Director

Born December, 1955

My Story

Born in Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu, and raised in Miyazaki until the age of 18. When I was in high school, I gave up my career as a professional classical guitarist and graduated from the Department of Film, Faculty of Arts, Nihon University. I worked as a freelance assistant director while I was in college, and entered the TV drama industry at the age of 25. After that, I experienced the chief AD of a station drama of TBS, a major Japanese TV station, for several years, and made my first directorial debut as a director of another TV station’s serial drama series at the age of 29. Since then, I have continued to make hit works as a director in serial drama series. I directed my first film on screen as a film director when I was in my 40s, and since then I have created several films. In many films, I also work on scripts at the same time. I’m especially good at works based on real subjects. In “ALLURE”, in addition to editing, we are also in charge of color grading.

Director Statement

Regarding the Intent of the Work

In cinema, there exists an expression that transports the viewer away from reality and entices them into an extraordinary world for entertainment. Conversely, there’s also an expression that provides an opportunity to reflect upon our everyday lives from a fresh perspective. I can’t help but feel that most of today’s predominant films chase after the former. It seems as though the film industry is dominated by blockbuster spectacles featuring already popular, renowned casts and vast budgets.
The entertainment produced by major studios is undeniably captivating and brings joy to many viewers. However, I firmly believe in the intrinsic power of films to move people and provoke deep thought. This work of mine emerged from the desire to offer audiences the chance to recognize the beauty and intricacy in everyday life that often goes unnoticed. By adopting a perspective slightly deviated from the mainstream, I hope to introduce new discoveries and evoke emotions.

My latest film was crafted in collaboration with actors who remain relatively unknown even within Japan. There’s no flashy action or grand spectacles in it. The movie depicts the everyday lives of ordinary people one might encounter anywhere in the world. Within this, it deeply delves into the lengths to which people yearn for love and desperately seek acknowledgment from others. The characters in this film mirror you and those you see around you every day.

Regarding Social and Cultural Background and Influences

This film addresses the profound societal shifts worldwide brought about by the recent coronavirus, as well as the emotional changes it precipitated in individuals. Due to the constraints imposed by the pandemic, we’ve come to deeply recognize the significance of everyday interactions we once took for granted. Notably, the younger generation has lost opportunities to even learn the basics of interpersonal communication. Amid this reevaluation of the importance of accepting and empathizing with others, the mental aspect called narcissistic personality disorder emerges. This refers to individuals with a pronounced self-centeredness, yet astonishingly, they can also be incredibly charismatic, sometimes evolving into remarkable leaders or even dictators.

Technical & Artistic Approach

In this film, not only did I take on the roles of director and screenwriter, but for the first time, I also handled color grading. I have a form of color blindness known as protanopia. This unique condition gives me a distinct perspective on nuances of color and shading. With this movie, I deeply considered the emotional and subconscious impact of color on the audience, pursuing a distinct style.

Influenced by the European films of the 1950s that I dearly loved, I intentionally constructed the story to leave the ending up to the audience, avoiding overtly dramatic structuring. Additionally, I paid special attention to the film music and the theme song, ensuring they were more than just supplementary elements, reflecting the essence of classic masterpieces.

To me, filmmaking isn’t just a medium for storytelling. It’s an art form for sharing emotions, experiences, and fragments of life. Through this work, I sincerely hope that the audience will reflect on their own experiences and emotions, and feel a deep connection.

My Filmography

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  • May 31, 2023 ALLURE 蠱惑の瞳 Sayaka, a seductive woman who calls herself a web professional who appeared in front of Kanzaki, who runs a psychiatric clinic. Kanzaki was helplessly attracted to her, but Sayaka were mentally ill. Suspense on the theme of narcissistic personality disorder

My Award

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