Jeremiah Williams


Jeremiah Williams

/ Director

Born October, 1976

My Story

Jeremiah Williams is an independent music producer, songwriter, sound engineer and animation director from Seattle, Washington and specializes in producing urban music and animation content highlighting stories, narratives and characters from people of African descent.

During his early childhood years, he was heavenly influenced by the Japanese animation series Star Blazers (Space Cruiser Yamato) and continued to develop a love for anime style films such as Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Ghost in the Shell, Akira etc. It wasn’t until much later in life, after he had mastered the craft of music production and sound engineering, that he began putting together ideas for his own animated shorts and animated music videos.

Jeremiah currently resides in Seattle, Washington, though recently has been spending a considerable amount time in the Philippines where his creative ideas seem to flow more abundantly. He is currently working on Parts II and III of his animated music video series and plans to release a few animated short narratives.

Director Statement

The central theme I wanted to communicate through Black Champagne is the ability to persevere through seemingly insurmountable obstacles; and that sometimes the only way that meaningful progress can be made is through struggle and resistance. I tried to take elements of the Black experience in America and recast them into a new storyline that could be relatable to anyone. I also wanted to depict more Black heroes and heroines in positions of authority and power.


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