Jagan Vijaya

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Jagan Vijaya

/ Director

Born March, 1987

My Story

Worked as Assistant Director for more than 15 years in the Tamil Feature film industry and Beginning is my debut feature film.

My Filmography

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  • Beginning The two different situations, which is a novel attempt that narrates two different stories, the entire movie is on split screen, the left side of the screen will tell one story and the right side will narrate the other. This will take place simultaneously at the same time. The story begins with a girl (Nithya) was kidnapped in the late night returning from office to home by three masked strangers, she has been locked up in a room, there is no source to escape. On the other hand a specially challenged innocent (Balasubramani) boy’s daily routine life is shown. Is she survived or not, and how the situation moves interestingly is the rest.

My Award

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