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Jaby Koay

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Jaby Koay developed a love for films before he could even read and write, inheriting that passion from his father. At 11, he began writing screenplays on a word processor typewriter and at the age of 12 he “borrowed” his father’s handy cam to start making backyard films, literally in his parents backyard. All of these shorts were nonsensical, but fun and was the foundation in Jaby’s understanding of story telling through creative angles and cuts. Initially, he edited in-camera, by getting one shot, pausing the camera, and capturing the next shot, allowing him to have a ready to short film ready to show friends and family by the end of a shoot. As his shorts became more complex, he would eventually edit from camera to VHS or VHS to VHS. At the age of 17, his projects became more ambitious and more showcase worthy. Around this time, actor/director Ski-ter Jones adopted Jaby as his little brother and they produced a whole host of projects together ranging in genre and style. Thanks to connections through Ski-ter, Jaby was able to find work as a casting assistant and eventually session runner in commercial casting. During this time, Jaby became friends with writer/director Michael Scott and they produced a number of projects together, some of which, for the time, gained considerable traction on YouTube. One of their short films, Kung Fu Red, won best action short film at the High Desert Shorts Pahrump Film Festival.

Jaby continued working in casting for several years and in between booked several commercial acting jobs and taught martial arts classes. Eventually, he decided to follow his younger brother Gregory Alba and pursue a full time career in YouTube. Content creation for YouTube became everything to Jaby, discarding all other interests entirely in the endeavor to stake his claim on the platform. While Jaby was seeing some success, it wasn’t until discovering Indian cinema that his channel grew at breakneck speed. In the latter half of 2016, Achara Kirk joined his team as a co-host, editor and producer and together saw following of his channels collectively reach over 2.7 million subscribers (and counting). While he has been quite happy with the success of the channels, Jaby’s passion for cinematic story telling was waiting eagerly in the gladiator barracks. In the summer of 2023, Jaby once again partnered up with his big brother Ski-ter to produce his latest project Love Punch Kill. Following this, Jaby continues his responsibilities as a producer and host on his channels and is currently developing his next projects.

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  • February 14, 2024 Love Punch Kill An action comedy romance thriller about a young guy falling in love with a Chinatown shop owner, only to realize he’s in way over his head after her ex-boyfriend comes to collect his debt.

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