Hajeer Moradi

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Hajeer Moradi

/ Director

Born January, 1985
Rresidence Iran

My Story

My name is Hajeerir Moradi. I was born in 1991, in Kermanshah, Iran. Since 2011, I’ve been working in the film and performing arts industries: first, I started as an amateur actor and backstage worker, and then I gradually found my way in a wider area of acting, designing, and directing while concentrating on Performance Arts, Contemporary Dance, and Physical Theatre.
Performer, in “Vision”, Ariana Gallery, 2015
Designer and Performer, in “Body”, Art University of Tehran and Dena Gallery, 2016
Designer, in “Come Dine with Me” (Happening), Dena Gallery, 2018
Actor, in “Nectar”, Azadi Tower Cultural Complex, 2014
Actor, in “Chehel Gis and Hassan Kachal”, Mah Festival, 2015
Director and Actor, in “I”, Da Theatre House, 2016
Actor, in “Retreating World”, Fajr International Theatre Festival, 2017
Actor, in “Rashomon”, City Theatre of Tehran, 2017
Performer and Instrumentalist, in “Va/Ya/Pro/Mete”, Fajr International Theatre Festival, 2018
Actor, in “Aura”, Iran International University Theater Festival, 2019
Actor-Model, in “Narration of an Eye-Witness” (Image Collection), Directed by Azadeh Akhlaqi
Actor, in “Unknown” (Telefilm), Directed by Hamid Bahmani
Actor, in “Line” (TV-Series), Directed by Abbas Ranjbar
Actor, in “Chainsaw Slaughter in Tehran” (Short Film), Directed by Pouyan Gholamreza Zadeh
Actor, in “White-Winged-Horse” (Short Film), Directed by Mahyar Mandegar

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