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Hadi Sheibani

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My Story

Hadi Sheibani is a film editing graduate who has been working as a film editor since 2011. He was awarded an AFA scholarship as the only Iranian Fellow at Asian Film Academy in 2019 and International Film Editors Forum’s Travel Grant as the first Iranian film editor to attend the IFEF in 2022. Hadi wrote and directed his first short, Katvoman, co-produced by Ravinder Dhaka. Inspired by MeToo Movement, the film deals with domestic violence and Women’s rights.

Director Statement

Catwoman can take a hit as a superheroine, but it doesn’t mean all women have to. Inspired by the MeToo movement and Catwoman’s character, the film narrates the story of a family who pretends to be happy. The mother hides her wounds behind the mask, and the father hides his sadomasochism behind the semblance of normalcy. Though, neighbors’ sounds are authentic and can’t be hidden. As an abused woman, what can the mother do when she hears about domestic violence from the next-door apartment? It is the character’s puzzle; she is harmed and can’t save people anymore. However, Catwoman’s custom empowers the abused woman to confront his husband with domestic violence, which the man has done with her before.
Katvoman deals with women’s issues, but it is about women’s empowerment. The 8-minute short film depicts the contrast between silence and sounds, peace and violence, femininity and masculinity. It is the story of abused females who fight silently while domineering men speak on their behalf. Katvoman is the story of women who sacrifice themselves and play the role of heroes to stop their children from growing up like their abuser fathers.

My Filmography

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  • March 2, 2022 Katvoman Mother and son played Catwoman-Batman Game before father came in. Meanwhile, some noise and screams are heard from the next door; it seems the man next door hurt his wife. It's time for the father to play a role in the game before the son finds out what he did.

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