Chuqi Wang

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Chuqi Wang

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My Story

My name is Wang Chuqi. I was born in 1999 and I come from Inner Mongolia, China. Since I grew up in a place where many different cultures meet, I am very interested in humanities and social issues. I also hope to be able to reflect this more in the future script writing and shooting. In the future study and creation of movies, I hope I can integrate my experience of life and movies in every stage into my movies. I don’t even care if it is completely correct, but it will be the result of my careful thinking in every stage of my life.


Director Statement

This movie mainly expresses the harm of stereotype to people. In this film, everyone has their own grievance. The ex-wife and daughter did not get the man’s care. The man wanted to change his inherent image but was mistaken for a thief by a clerk, who lost his property for no reason. Each person’s inner concerns are not the same, resulting in a completely different way to treat a matter.

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