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Chunliang Zhao

/ Director

Born August, 1989

My Story

Leon Zhao is a young Chinese director and scriptwriter, who was born in Shanxi in the 1980s, and now lives in Beijing. Leon began to learn oil painting when he was a little child, which laid a solid foundation for his accomplishment in fine arts. He once obtained a bachelor’s degree of Multimedia Art Design at Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication, and later further studied Directing at Beijing Film Academy. He also studied at Hollywood, the United States. Leon has been committed to producing ingenious, thought-provoking, and touching films that suit both refined and popular tastes.

Films & Honors
Director of Village in Serenity (tentative name), which was screened in cinemas in 2021;
Director of Run!Shunzi! (formerly known as The Best Youth), which was screened in cinemas in 2020;
Director of the documentary Starlight of 2018 (Chief Director: Vicki Zhao; starred by Jackie Chan and Tong Liya);
In 2018, Leon studied at Hollywood, the United States to learn the advanced concept of film and television creation and expand his interpersonal network in the American film and television circle;
In 2017, Leon won the “Most Entertaining Short Video Award” of the Golden Second Awards with the Internet comedy he directed, Pig Teammates;
In 2017, Leon was selected as the “New Filmmaker” of Session II by the “Jackie Chan’s Project A Movie Workshop”;
In 2016, Leon was selected as the “New Filmmaker” of Session I by the “Jackie Chan’s Project A Movie Workshop”;
In 2015, Leon was one of the top 14 directors of the “China Influence” Young Director Competition.

Director Statement

Why did I shoot the movie “Shun Zi”
I chose to pursue a career in film in the first place because I wanted to be able to convey my thoughts and values through my works, especially to create good works that would have a positive impact on young people’s growth in life. When I first heard the story of the archetypal character named Zhang Deshun, it lit me up because many of her experiences were very similar to mine. We were both born in a remote, ordinary mountain village, and our families had been farmers who had farmed for generations, so it was too difficult to get out and see the outside world. She endured unimaginable difficulties and pains, and through her own hard work under the tutelage of Burroughs, she became a world champion long-distance runner, and I was fortunate enough to get out of the countryside and go to Beijing, the capital of China, to become a director. I felt the resonance from her story, I used to fantasize that one day I could make a movie about my experience, and now I have such an opportunity, what I filmed is not only her story, but also my story, and also the story of millions of rural students struggling to fight, I believe that making this story into a film will definitely inspire more young people to struggle for their dreams, and I also hope to influence our next generation to have dreams and to work hard for their dreams. Because the truth is that the end of your dream is actually in sight if you have a strong belief and a spirit that never quits.

Feelings and implications.
I want to make a film which really touches people’s hearts and allows ordinary viewers to empathize and think after watching the film, they will reflect on their own experiences and life, they will think about what their dreams are, whether they have been realized, and whether they have persevered and worked hard for them; I hope that the audience will be moved after watching it, will shed tears for the main character’s experiences, will leap for joy when she achieves victory, will be sad when she goes through difficulties I hope that the audience will also share my empathy.
Making a meaningful film like this has made my life more meaningful and worthwhile as well.

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