Dinesh Vishe


Dinesh Vishe

/ Director

Residence India

My Story

Sangram is creted 2 short films.first film selected for official selection for cance festival.

Dinesh vishe is creating first film who is software engg, having 11 year experience.He had work with big international and habit of writing story for films.creating film and dramma are hobby.

There is new story on share market is ready waiting for finance who help to create movie which save many people life who have loss in share market.

Director Statement

This is very useful for person you are tried and waiting for success in any job or situation. Only require loyal hardworking wait for your time. success will be there along you.

Sangram制作了两部短片。第一部被选为戛纳电影节官方影片。Dinesh vishe正在创作第一部电影,他是软件工程师,有11年的经验。他曾在国际大公司工作,并有为电影写故事的习惯。


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