Carlos Rueda

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Carlos Rueda

/ Director

Born September, 1999

My Story

Carlos Rueda, an animator and filmmaker from Guadalajara (born in 1999), began his career with the short film “Anomalía,” which won the State Short Film Contest Jalisco 2018. He studied film and animation at CAAV, where he created the short film “Problemas,” premiered at the Piriápolis de Película festival. He continues as an independent artist focused on raising awareness about animal abuse.

Director Statement

At the heart of this animated short film, I find a little hope and relief. “La carretera de los perros” is a short full of silent intentions and memories. Inspired by the free highway of Zapotlanejo, located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México. This is a story that I see repeated in the everyday life, and that arises
from my endless encounters with run over and forgotten dogs. With this, I not only want to talk about animal abuse, but also about inhumanity. We are the reflection of our pets, from this perspective, it is not just a matter of unconsciousness, but a small glimpse into the culture of the country where I live.
In my own journey to understand how animal abandonment works and after years of living with this problem, I wrote this script, in the most expressive way possible, without dialogue and using the power of sound and image to show reality.
The use of CGI, among other techniques, was decided based on the narrative needs of the project. Always trusting in the power of cinema as an art capable of transforming society, using real backgrounds, taken directly from the roads, I plan to document a reality, combined with the fiction of my animated characters that, in the end, are based on true facts. I am really passionate about this project and I feel committed to carry it out with all the talent and effort I can offer.

My Filmography

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  • March 15, 2024 The Dogs' Highway At the edge of a dusty road, an abandoned dog desperately tries to return to his owner, only to be run over in the attempt. Injured and unable to survive in the shadow of his melancholic memories, he will find refuge among forgotten pets hidden in the waste of humanity.

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