Betty Ouyang


Betty Ouyang

/ Director

Rresidence Los Angeles, U.S.

My Story

“Father’s Day” marks Betty’s debut as a film director, screenwriter and producer.

Born in New York City, Betty has been an actress in theatre, film, tv, commercials and voiceovers since 1990. Betty has been lucky enough to act in principal roles in features opposite acclaimed actors such as multiple-Emmy-Winner Ed Asner (“Citizens United”) and Oscar-Winner Melissa Leo (“Frozen River”).

After noting that Asian-Americans are still largely absent from leading roles in Hollywood films and television shows, Betty decided to expand her role within the Arts/Entertainment Community.

Some of the Directors Betty has been heavily inspired by include: Pedro Almodovar, Woody Allen, Spike Lee, Lena Dunham, Stanley Kubrick and Bernardo Bertolucci.

Betty is a graduate of Barnard College at Columbia University in the New York City.

Director Statement

In expanding from Acting into also writing, directing and producing, I have two main Missions.

First, I want to create stories that inspire and elevate the Asian-American community, which I rarely see portrayed with any great substance on the Hollywood screen or on television.

Second, I would like to create better roles for Women of ALL ages and ethnicities… another group that I feel has been vastly underserved and underrepresented by Hollywood.

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