Andy Yi LI

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Andy Yi LI

/ Director

Born September, 1994

My Story

Andy Yi Li is a filmmaker based in LA. She is currently pursuing her MFA Film Production degree at USC, School of Cinematic Arts. She is mostly passionate about directing (both narrative and non fiction), sound design and editing. She has studying abroad experiences at five different countries: China, US, Japan, Singapore, France and Germany. She is fluent with three languages: English, Mandarin and Japanese. Andy aspires to tell untold stories on screen and experiment with unusual visual language such as female gaze and poetic cinema. Her script and directing work like to explore topics like: Searching for self-identity, Family
issues(Midlife-crisis, Parenthood and sibling rivalry) , sub-culture, unresolved love and relationship, complex sexuality, Invisible mental health issues struggled by women(sexual trauma, eating disorder, depression and etc.)


Director Statement

I am a 25 year old MFA film production graduate student at USC. This is a very personal story. I grew up in a healthy, open-minded and supportive family and was taken cared by parents who gave me unconditional love that I could never fully give back. I am always an student who works hard and set high expectations for myself. Mistakes and flaws are usually hard to be accepted by me. It has taken me years to learn to give myself more self-compassion and love myself. I have been struggling with mental health issue since early twenties. It was never easy to tell my parents how I really feel and my mental health struggle in the first place. Since it may sound so absurd to them and I am so afraid being judged and disappointed them. It takes me years to understand that no one is perfect and it is ok to feel depressed/ anxious and miserable. There is nothing wrong with that. What is not ok is when people hide their feelings and take it as a stigma. Now I am pretty much recovered from my mental health issues and I have grown so much as a human. Thanks my mother who is always be there for me. I have learned that there is so much in life to cherish. No matter what you have been going thru in your life, how dark it is, ppl who love you will always be there for you. This movie dedicates to the ones who love me and will always be there for me.

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